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SEO positioning is usually framed as the concern of companies with sales funnels that take place completely online. But, even in exclusive sectors providing hyper-personalized services, a high-performing website with impeccable UX and all the right keywords adds real value.

In this case study, we share some insight into our collaboration with an award-winning visualization studio. While the company’s initial focus was SEO, the project proved itself a little more complex, and we took the chance to rewrite the entire website as a chance to revisit and reinvigorate the brand’s communication style.

Brand Voice, Copywriting & SEO

The Challenge

Our client is a B2B company providing visualization services for pioneering brands in private aviation, the automotive sector, and yacht design.

Their marketing team reached out with the need to optimize their website.

The goals were:

  • To turn the website into an asset that could build momentum around the company, after the pandemic shut down the industry’s IRL social life.
  • To provide a better experience to leads who visit the website looking to learn more about the company.
  • To position the website organically and outrank competitors.
  • To set the stage to start generating leads organically.

The Solution

This project involved a multidisciplinary team, led by an SEO consultant and a creative director. The team’s work could be split as 50% SEO and 50% copywriting.

Both teams studied the market niche, performed competitive analysis, and applied their insights to every aspect of the project.


The first goal was achieved by reimagining the structure of the website’s pages, so every product page unfolds in a story-like fashion. We didn’t focus on customer pain. Instead, we focused on the possibilities that our client’s work opens.

We made it evocative by combining each section with renderings from the studio’s many projects. And we made it human and genuine through the implementation of a unique writing style.

Considering the industry our client is in, we developed a prose style that was conversational but technically precise, with occasional flares of poetry. We used words that rarely appear in copy, but that are fitting to describe, for instance, an avant-garde yacht design.

User Experience

User experience was directly affected by information architecture and copywriting. But it also had to do with website loading speed, and it also had to do with accessibility.

While our copywriting team dedicated themselves to the first two aspects of UX, the SEO team carried out a technical audit of the site, looking for structural problems that could be affecting loading speed and accessibility.

Organic Positioning

Aside from the technical aspects of SEO (which also affect positioning), our SEO team carried out a holistic analysis of key competitors and role models. We looked at their websites’ weaknesses and strengths, their backlink profiles, and their best keywords.

We used this information to make sense of our place in the niche, and optimize the new copy for relevance and a higher SERP positioning.

Organic Lead Generation

Out of caution, we can’t dive into this dimension of the project. But, to make a long story short, our client is now better positioned to generate organic leads, especially by implementing a 360° content campaign.


A month after complete implementation, this is what the client’s Google Analytics report showed:

  • There was a 95% increase in users
  • There was a 96% increase in sessions
  • There was a 65% increase in session duration
  • There was a 17% decrease in bounce rate

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