Brand Refreshment for DAOe

  • Client: DAO Education
  • Year: 2021
  • Branding, consultancy, brand identity

DAO education is a Madrid-based online academy teaching DeFi courses to professionals, students, and entrepreneurs across disciplines. We’ve been with DAOe since the beginning, and, after some brand-consolidating campaigns, we decided it was time for a new look. One that represented the thriving energy of the Academy, their hunger for innovation, and their belief in the power of community. Colorful, diverse, techy, and welcoming. DAOe is what it looks like.

cover image
We maintained the brand's timeless lime & grey logo We chose two types with a fresh, jovial, and approachable style Color palette Color combinations Social media posts IG story template Email marketing with animated cover Syllabus Illustration usage in the Syllabus Everything adds up to communicate a key brand message The future begins in DAOe