ProductHunt Launch Checklist

Are you preparing to launch your product on ProductHunt and feeling overwhelmed? Let us help you! Our free ProductHunt launch checklist will guide you through every step of the process and ensure you don't miss a thing. From connecting with potential upvoters to engaging with your audience on Launch Day, our checklist covers it all.

You only get one Launch Day - make the most of it.
Access our PH launch checklist for free today.

Master the 3 Key Stages of a PH Great Launch

Launching on ProductHunt is a cost-effective way to reach potential early adopters. With a dedicated community of tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and investors, ProductHunt provides a platform to showcase your product to a highly engaged audience.

By leveraging the power of ProductHunt, you can:

✧ Generate buzz around your product

✧ Gather valuable feedback

✧ Attract early adopters who are eager to try new and innovative products

It's an opportunity to gain visibility, build credibility, and kickstart your product's growth, all at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional marketing channels.

But you can't just pop up on ProductHunt one day and except your launch to be successful. You need to prepare months ahead of your launch. And getting to Product of the Day is just the beginning - you need to design a plan to keep your upvoters engaged in the long-term.

That's exactly what this checklist will help you achieve.

Checklist structure

Centralize, Plan & Assign Processes & Assets

This free resource includes:

  • 17 to-dos for the key 3 stages of a successful PH launch
  • A brief explanation of each to-do & its success criteria
  • Fields to plan, prioritize & assign each asset

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