Ongoing partnership

Exactly Protocol


In June 2022, we began a partnership with Exactly Protocol. Exactly is a borrowing and lending protocol for the Ethereum blockchain. It makes it possible for users to deposit and borrow assets at fixed and variable rates, from a single, easy-to-use, and exhaustively audited platform.


Focusing on visual identity development, our goal was to overcome certain challenges that are typical for brands in this ecosystem, including:

  • Brand differentiation - What will make us stand out from similar products?
  • Brand scalability - How can we build a foundation that others can iterate and build upon?
  • Neutrality - How can we design a brand that’s free from elements that may constrain or contaminate our messaging?
  • Variety - How can we leave room for surprises across applications?


We chose vibrant, fresh colors that didn't add too much weight to the interface. The client's request was an energic but minimalistic image. The goal was to express the efficiency of the product and the brand’s commitment to bringing elegant solutions to complex processes.

Its iso is a Ξ letter, used in pure mathematics, as well as to express units of Ether. Therefore, this symbol combines the Ethereum-based nature of the project with its commitment to mathematic precission.

The typographic choice is a neutral sans-serif, ocassionally accompanied by a monospace font. We chose these fonts as not to wear down the one used in the wordmark, which provides elegance and formality to the brand’s image.

When designing applications, we thought of everything as a template. That is, we created solid structures that could be edited and adjusted for specific occasions.

The rebranding’s reception from the team and community was positive. Especially, around merch.