Fulfillment policy

This page introduces our refund & cancellation policies. 

Last updated on the 25th of June, 2024.

Changes & exceptions

This fulfillment policy is subject to changes. Therefore, we recommend checking this page regularly. Additionally, we may propose different fulfillment conditions for your specific partnership, within your Statement of Work (SOW). 


We only offer a 50% refund for down payments, within 24 hours of the payment. You can ask for a refund by replying to your onboarding email or by writing to moneypenny[at]postdigitalist[dot]xyz. Past the 24-hour mark, if you choose not to move forward with the initially agreed scope, we’ll offer a smaller deliverable or product with a total price equivalent to your down payment.

We don’t offer refunds for:

  • Subscriptions
  • Mid-project payments
  • Final payments


Content and design plan cancellations should be communicated via email, within 14-30 days before your billing cycle’s end - depending on the terms of your SOW. 

If we’re working on a project and you decide to end it early or reduce scope, we’ll bill a proportional fee, only covering the fulfilled scope. Final deliverables won’t be released until the final payment’s complete.