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How we delivered high-ranking health content to over 250k monthly users


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Test for Travel was a medical services directory that helped travelers worldwide to find COVID-19 testing locations near them. We supported Test for Travel’s growth through accessible, carefully fact-checked medical content and high-quality copy.


In 2020, amid the Covid-19 pandemic, we began to collaborate with a brand new health services directory: Test for Travel.

Test for Travel aimed to serve as a hub where travelers could get tested for Covid-19 and find the regulatory and medical information they needed. In the words of Julien DeBats, its founder, TFT aims to “...help everyday travelers find medical resources near them in the time-frame they need it. Wherever they are in the world, we are here to help make it easier for them to find what they need”.

In this case study, we’ll dive into how we helped TFT to become one of the most robust and popular COVID-19 resources.


Our collaboration was motivated by TFT’s need to:

  • Increase their organic traffic
  • Provide extra value to their audience
  • Position themselves as a go-to resource for health-conscious travelers

Our collaboration’s scope included:

  • Writing copy for evergreen pages
  • Planning, researching, producing, and publishing content for the TFT blog

Throughout our collaboration, we faced the challenge of being as effective as possible when it came to both research and content production. Our team had to stay on top of the latest COVID-related news. As Collette Hull, TFT’s marketing director notes, “We wanted to share better blog content, which requires the most up-to-date information to be researched and cited in our blog posts.”


Julien, Test for Travel’s founder, got in touch with us thanks to a referral. At the start of the collaboration, we researched, planned, and created SEO-optimized content for key landing pages and informative resources.

In Julien’s words:

“You were highly recommended by a friend, and from the moment I started to work with you guys, you were the team I was looking for. I did not have to worry about anything, you guys took care of everything.”

A few months after the website’s copy was written, we joined forces with TFT again, to work on their blog.

When working on the TFT blog, we had the opportunity to collaborate with leadership to create content that aimed to target specific traveler needs. This specificity, as well as a commitment to keep content updated, made it possible for us to build a virtuous cycle with our audience.


During the mid-stage of this collaboration:

  • Organic traffic went up to 1140% within a year
  • Backlinks went up 65% during that same period

Our content efforts weren’t the only force driving that growth. But the blog paid a key role in increasing the company’s search engine visibility and enriching the visitors’ experience.

Your Money or Your Life

After 16 months of working together, new articles rose up to the top of the SERPs shortly after publication. The website had already built the rapport to be seen by Google (and users) as a respectable source of health information. This is especially noteworthy considering that the client is in a “Your Money or Your Life” niche.

In short, TFT is a medical website, which made it harder to get consistent organic visibility than it would have been in other niches. This difficulty, as well as our responsibility to deliver accurate information to the audience, required us to:

  • Stay rigorous regarding our information sources
  • Double-check references and statements
  • Use language to provide accurate and neutral health and regulatory information


Our collaboration with TFT is ongoing.

Currently, the website:

  • Receives an average of 250k visits per month
  • Has over 6k backlinks
  • Ranks organically for over 32k keywords

Throughout our collaboration, and as the pandemic evolved and user needs changed, we pivoted to continue being useful to our target audience.


All in all, our collaboration with Test for Travel has been nothing but a win for both parties. It’s been a great experience for our team to build a blog from scratch and take it to the next level like we did here. Regarding the experience, Julien notes:

“I got what I needed, when I needed it, without worrying about anything. Easy, fast & very communicative. Everything was clearly outlined and me & the team knew exactly what was going on. Simply love working with you guys.”

Communicating strategically and being responsive to our clients’ strategic needs is every bit as important to us as delivering quantitative results. In fact, one is impossible without the other.

According to Collette:

“The Postdigitalist Team is unique because they truly care about our brand(s) and creating content to serve us and our customers, well into the future.”

We hope to collaborate with more brands like these in the future, those that bring value to the world and are beneficial to everyone who comes in contact with them.

When we asked TFT’s founder whether he’d be willing to wok with us again, he said: “For sure, and will continue to use you in all future projects!”

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