Content Revamping Checklist

You know you should keep your existing content fresh. But if you don't know where to start, it's easy to procrastinate and give in to content rot. Our content revamping checklist will give you the clarity you need to kickstart your revamping efforts. Download it now, for free.

The Magic of Content Revamping

Revamping content without a blueprint can feel like an arduous task, with no clear priorities or impact. But it's the only way to guarantee that every piece of content on your website is helping you turn traffic into leads.

Old-school approaches to content revamping focus on keyword stuffing and adding length for length's sake. This checklist isn't about that. It's about turning outdated, vague pieces into product-led conversion engines.

21 optimization points

How We Structured this Checklist

Most teams that succumb to content rot don't do it because they don't understand that content revamping is important. They know that it takes time to structure a proper revamping process, so they decide to leave it for later.

This checklist includes:

  • Checks & a count of total checked items - so you can track your progress easily
  • Actionable tips - every suggestion is explained in a simple, hands-on way
  • Notes - extra context and suggestions are included, so you know what to prioritize across items
  • Goals - so you can prioritize and organize tasks
  • Difficulty - so you can anticipate timelines and necessary investments
  • Answers to top frequently asked questions

Increase Your Content ROI

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