seo audit & strategy service

De-Risk Your SEO Investment

SEO takes time and resources. So investing in the wrong strategy means wasting months and burning thousands of dollars. Now you can spare yourself that headache in 10 working days, with a $500 investment. Request our SEO audit & strategy package today.

What's inside?

SEO Audit + Strategy, in a Neat , Personalized Package

All our audit & strategy packages are made-to-measure.

But here’s the baseline of what you can expect:

  • Overview (organic traffic, positioning…)
  • Technical SEO overview & actionable recommendations
  • Competitor analysis & keyword gap
  • Qualitative content analysis → including content-market fit analysis, uniqueness, & best content vs. low-ranking content analysis.
  • Easy wins

We’ll also include a service proposal with a recommended growth plan.

3 out of 5 customers choose to give it a try. But there are no strings attached.

Getting SEO Consulting Has Never Been So Smooth

To request your SEO audit & strategy package, you’ll just need to book a kickoff call. Fill the booking form and complete a 50% downpayment.
It’s that simple.

We’ll reply to your booking manually. And after the call, we’ll send you an outline of your personalized audit & strategy package + a specific deadline.

In the meantime, we’ll email you regular updates.
Got questions? Shoot us an email.


Why do you charge for your audits?

Most agencies offering “free SEO audits” fall in one of two camps:

a.They automate their audits, resulting in generic deliverables with no original/strategically valuable insights.

b.They’re incentivated to be biased and “count their ideas” to sell you a package you may not need.

We’re used to working with bootstrapped founders, who don’t have time or resources to waste. So we want to give you true value. That means taking our time and treating you like a customer. We charge for our audits because there’s a ROI.

How long will it take?

Usually, our audits take approximately 10 working days (two weeks). If you’re in a hurry, we can negotiate a shorter deadline, based on our availability. Don’t hesitate to bring it up during our onboarding call.

I’m wondering if programmatic SEO is right for me. Will this help?

Yes! If you’ve already published a pSEO collection, we’ll audit it and check for common pSEO shortcomings. If you’re considering whether a pSEO collection would be right for you, we’ll ellaborate the foundation for your pSEO strategy.

Can’t you just give me a project proposal?

We don’t really know what’s the best strategy for you. That’s the truth. And a 15-minute call may not be enough for us to figure it out. Our SEO audits give us a space to:

  • Explore your past SEO efforts
  • Carefully consider your objectives
  • Analyze your competitors
  • Design the best path forward for you

That’s far better than a project proposal. And it’ll be extremely useful to you - even if you decide to take things in-house or hire a different agency.

Do I have to continue working with you after the audit?

No, these deliverables are completely portable and modular. They’ll be useful whether you choose to work with us or not.

Who will perform the audit?

Your project will be in the hands of our SEO & content leaders.

Where can I see your SEO packages?

Discover our content packages

Learn more about our approach to programmatic SEO

Where can I see case studies & testimonials?

You can explore past and ongoing collaborations on our Customer Stories section.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

We don’t offer a money-back guarantee. But we do guarantee an amazing deliverable.

"I was very doubtful that someone could produce high-quality content about what we do. But not only did you meet my expectations, I'd say that you even surpassed them. I love the fact that you're as committed to lead generation as I am. Other vendors usually focus on their output, but not on the result that the client wants, which is increasing sales. You're different in that sense and that's something I really like."
Ernesto Cettour, CEO & founder at Firmaway
"You were highly recommended by a friend, and from the moment I started to work with you guys, you were the team I was looking for. I did not have to worry about anything, you guys took care of everything. Easy, fast & very communicative. Everything was clearly outlined and me & the team knew exactly what was going on. Simply love working with you guys."
Julien DeBats, Founder at Test for Travel
"Great culture fit, good value for cost, very responsive."
Richard Gargan, SEO Lead at Cledara
"Their attention to detail blows us away."
Juan Manuel Cafferata, Creative Director at Toxi Media
"To work with Post is to rest assured that the work will exceed my expectations. They go the extra mile with every deliverable, and it shows. Aside from the content quality, they’re fast and solution-oriented. I recommend them 100%!"
Florencia Filippa, Marketing Manager at KiPcreating & Expressa Studio
"Thanks to Postdigitalist we’ve been able to transmit knowledge and ideas about a new industry, such as Crypto, in an agile and casual way. They’ve adopted our company’s goals as their own and developed a communication strategy with our business goals in mind. I highly recommend their talent and expertise."
Santiago Siri, Co-Founder at Democracy Earth & DAOEducation
"The Postdigitalist Team is hands down one of the most professional, organized, and easy to work with 3rd party companies that I have had the pleasure of collaborating with!"
Collette Hull, Marketing Manager at CovidClinic