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content marketing for startups

We develop content hubs that advance your mission, grow your community, build lasting value, and nourish all your marketing channels. Elevate your brand & increase your organic traffic with (actual) high-quality content.

With results, without a million-dollar investment

SEO Could Be Your Startup's Best Growth Channel

Some of the world's leading startups grow through organic search. We help our partners to unlock organic search's potential in a cost-efficient way.

Ranking for +35k organic keywords and reaching the top of the SERPs in days

One of our long-term content partners is currently ranking for over 35k organic keywords. New content reaches the top of the SERPs mere days after it's published.

Doubled organic traffic in 10 months

We helped a SaaS Martech company in a highly competitive niche to double its organic traffic and increase impressions 1200%. All that and more, without any email marketing, social media, or paid ads.

Sustained growth, even after partnership

We set up our partners for long-term success, even after our partnership is over. That's the case for a leading language company, which got to top 3 positions for 21 keywords during our partnership (and a 200% increase in organic traffic), and maintained that growth after our partnership was over.

We bring actual leads

A long-term partner in the B2B SaaS space tripled organic lead acquisition since starting to work with us.

A Word from Our Clients

"I was very doubtful that someone could produce high-quality content about what we do. But not only did you meet my expectations, I'd say that you even surpassed them. I love the fact that you're as committed to lead generation as I am. Other vendors usually focus on their output, but not on the result that the client wants, which is increasing sales. You're different in that sense and that's something I really like."

Ernesto Cettour, CEO & founder at Firmaway

"You were highly recommended by a friend, and from the moment I started to work with you guys, you were the team I was looking for. I did not have to worry about anything, you guys took care of everything. Easy, fast & very communicative. Everything was clearly outlined and me & the team knew exactly what was going on. Simply love working with you guys."

Julien DeBats, Founder at Test for Travel

"Great culture fit, good value for cost, very responsive."

Richard Gargan, SEO Lead at Cledara

"Their attention to detail blows us away."

Juan Manuel Cafferata, Creative Director at Toxi Media

"To work with Post is to rest assured that the work will exceed my expectations. They go the extra mile with every deliverable, and it shows. Aside from the content quality, they’re fast and solution-oriented. I recommend them 100%!"

Florencia Filippa, Marketing Manager at KiPcreating & Expressa Studio

"Thanks to Postdigitalist we’ve been able to transmit knowledge and ideas about a new industry, such as Crypto, in an agile and casual way. They’ve adopted our company’s goals as their own and developed a communication strategy with our business goals in mind. I highly recommend their talent and expertise."

Santiago Siri, Co-Founder at Democracy Earth & DAOEducation

"The Postdigitalist Team is hands down one of the most professional, organized, and easy to work with 3rd party companies that I have had the pleasure of collaborating with!"

Collette Hull, Marketing Manager at CovidClinic

Let's Go the Extra Mile

Keywords < User Needs

Keyword research is important. But if you structure your content calendar around keywords and not user needs, it won't rank.

The days of keyword stuffing are over. We use SEO as a means to understand and address user needs.

We Obsess over Content so You Don't Have to

We manage everything from content ideation, to production, editing & distribution.

We work with battle-tested, trackable processes that allow you to completely delegate content and get amazing results in return.

Brand-Building Content

You can't stand out with surface-level material, empty definitions, and generic advice. We create unique content that offers valuable answers to real user needs.

That way, we'll help you become a go-to source in your niche.

In-House Talent

Most content agencies rely on an unstable network of freelancers. So they can't guarantee high content quality consistently.

That's just not how we work. We run on a stable team of writers, trained in-house.

Strategy Ownership

Let's share ownership of your content strategy. Throughout our partnership, we'll constantly share reports, actionable suggestions & optimization opportunities.

We want you to thrive.

We've Got Your Back

Our average partnership lasts 2 years - and counting!

We'll work hard to earn some early victories, but we'll strategize for the long run, pivoting and experimenting whenever necessary.

Let's meet where you're at

Our Content Marketing
Pricing Plans

or $1,200 quarterly
~10,000 words of content
Blog posts only
A monthly sync call
SEO content strategy
Content calendar
Up to 3 editing rounds per post
Featured image sourcing
Monthly reporting
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or $2,050 quarterly
~15,000 words of content
2 content formats included
Featured image sourcing
Infographic design
SEO content strategy
Bi-weekly sync calls
Content calendar
Up to 3 editing rounds per post
Monthly reporting
Get started
seo copywriting
Pack your platform with copy that's self-explanatory, engaging, and optimized for both conversions & search.
Always includes:
Per-page pricing
Keyword research
SEO strategy
Up to 5 editing rounds
Style guide development
Collaboration with designers
Unlimited sync calls
Get started

Get in touch

Let's talk strategy! We don't do sales calls. But we can offer a free consultation with our team, who will help you re-think your needs and assess whether we're the right partner for you.

Read our content playbook

SaaS Content Marketing, Made Easy

Our content playbook is an ongoing compilation of tried-and-tested content tactics, trend analysis, and more. Discover it today, for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use AI copywriting tools?

Our content is ideated, written, edited & optimized by humans. However, our team may use AI tools for research purposes or to streamline specific stages of their workflow.

Are your writers native speakers?

All of our writers have native-level proficiency in English and Spanish.

Why are your prices so high?

Producing high-quality, brand-building content consistently demands a team of talented people. Our content services are powered by a team of marketing-savvy editors, writers, SEO experts, and designers. We want to keep our team happy and that involves compensating them fairly.

Why are your prices so low?

We’re minimalists. We’ve stripped our services from the bells and whistles that make content marketing services expensive. On the other hand, we run as a 100% decentralized and remote company. So our expenses are lower than those of our competitors.

What does monthly reporting include?

Monthly reporting includes a general look at SEO performance, highest-ranking posts (on social & search) & actionable tips.

I need a style guide, can you help?

Of course, we’d love to help you build your brand voice. If you'd like us to work on your style guide, please request a custom quote.

What about images? Do you design infographics and featured images as well?

Our Maximalist package includes graphic design. If you’re interested in the Starter package but would like us to include graphic design as well, we’ll be happy to quote you.

Do you include metatags?

Yes, we'll write the metatitles, meta descriptions and image alt tags for all your content.

Do you do keyword research yourself?

Yes, keyword research is always included.

How many posts are included?

We won’t know how often you should post, or how long your posts should be, until we actually meet you. So, our pricing covers a certain word count cap, which can be divided into the content diet that’s best for you. For instance, some of our “A”-tier clients publish 8 posts per month, while others just publish 4.

Still have questions?

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