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branding package for startups

Firestarter is a branding package for startups, at the speed of startups. Get a logo, a brand kit, and a low-code landing page in 30 days. No obscure pricing or moving deadlines.

"Firestarter" branding services by Postdigitalist.

Let's Build your Minimum Viable Visual Identity

Branding projects are usually expensive and long. And the reason is quite simple: Brands are meant to last. But in the startup world, branding is a series of core guidelines to iterate upon. It's a toolkit, rather than something set in stone.

How can startups get the visual identity (and assets) they need to get to market fast, validate their product, and connect with investors & early adopters?

Conventional agencies ask for huge commitments. Hiring a freelancer requires vetting and management. But what if there was a different route?

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Our Process

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Day 1 - Day 5

We'll begin our partnership with a kick-off call. In that call, we'll dive into your mission, audience, competitors, and role models. Then, we'll begin to research and build the visual language for your brand.

Brand Kit Design

Day 5 - Day 15

We'll design 2 potential logos & brand kits. Then, we'll meet to evaluate them together. Based on your feedback, we'll create 2 new options. Once we're set on your brand's fundamentals, we'll move forward to asset design.

Asset Design & Launch

Day 15 - Day 30

We'll design your pitch deck, key assets for your social media presence, and a low-code landing page. As if that weren't enough, we'll develop your landing page on Webflow, optimize it for performance, and deploy it to your domain.

Transparent Pricing

Source files included

We want you to continue iterating and building freely - whether with us or with your internal team. That's why we'll provide you with all your source files, no questions asked.

Powered by low-code

We use the power of low-code  so you can launch a beautiful landing page fast, at a fraction of the cost of regular web development.

4 logo options
4 brand kit options
Custom pitch deck template
Social media kit
Low-code landing page
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A Word from Our Clients

“The quality of Postdigitalist’s work is simply superior to that of other agencies we worked with in the past. We were fascinated by the level of craftsmanship, precision and detail from the first deliverable. You fulfilled our goals perfectly. You even challenged us with new ideas and proposals that benefited both the brand and the business.”

Francisco Parata, Creative Lead at Envica

"They understood our brand as a whole and worked hard to help us reach our goals."

Walter Sosa-González, CEO at Ur Media

"The outcome was super positive with end users and investors praising the UX/UI of our web3 app. Their workflow was excellent. They demonstrated dedication, accountability, quality, and approachability."

Pato Molina, COO at Exactly Protocol

"Their attention to detail blows us away."

Juan Manuel Cafferata, Creative Director at Toxi Media

"I can’t explain how much I’m enjoying the process. I strongly recommend working with Postdigitalist to design websites, brands, and systems, although it’s truly far more than that."

Alejandro Csome (@bauhasaurus), architect and educator

Get in touch

Let's talk strategy! We don't do sales calls. But we can offer a free consultation with our team, that will help you re-think your needs and assess whether we're the right partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Webflow so expensive?

Hosting a Webflow website can be more expensive than hosting a WordPress website. But it's worth noting that high-performing and generous managed WordPress plans are in the $35-$250 price range. So, with CMS-powered plans starting at $18/month, a Webflow website can be cheaper to host than a similarly performant WordPress-powered one.

Is Webflow really free?

You can try Webflow for free, using a webflow.io subdomain. However, free Webflow websites are extremely limited and not recommended for commercial purposes.

Is Webflow better than WordPress?

Webflow's faster and more secure than WordPress. Webflow websites are also easier to maintain, requiring little to no coding experience. On the other hand, Webflow's better equipped for managing custom content collections, and it integrates with automated content production workflows more seamlessl.y

What is Webflow?

Webflow is a low-code web development platform. Unlike other website builders, it's an extremely versatile tool that speeds up deverlopers' workflows, gives marketing complete ownership over their website, and simplify optimization & maintenance tasks. We highly recommend using Webflow for building high-converting and performant marketing websites.

My site has thousands of pages, but they only use a couple of templates, how would you charge me?

If your website has thousands of URLs, but they're all built on just a handful of templates, we'll charge you per template. So, 1,000 URLs using the same 4 templates would be charged as 4 pages.

Do you use any other low-code website builders beyond Webflow?

At the moment, we only build low-code websites using Webflow. We find most other platforms to be quite limited. Especially, when it comes to platform ownership & SEO.

I don't want a low-code site, do you use WordPress/React?

We don't create WordPress websites/themes. However, we do work with the JAMStack (especially with NextJS). We can create a NextJS website for you, but that request is out of our regular plans' scope. Get in touch for a custom quote.

Will I have access to the source files?

Yes, you'll have access to all of your project's source files. We'll provide all visual deliverables on a Figma file. And, if you've never used Figma before, we'll give you a quick tour through the platform. Additionally, your low-code site will be hosted on your Webflow account, so you'll have complete control over your site.

What if I need something extra?

Whether you'd like to add extra pages for your low-code site or extra applications, feel free to request them! We'd be happy to meet your design needs. However, be aware that these requests could affect both your timeline and your pricing.

How can you create a quality brand in 30 days?

Designing a quality brand in 30 days is 100% possible. Trust us, we've done it before. This is especially the case if you think of visual identity as a journey instead of a destination.

Are premium fonts/illustrations included?

We usually work with fonts from open source foundries/Adobe Fonts. However, if you've got the budget for a premium font, we'd be thrilled to get you one. However, you'll have to pay for the font as an extra, on top of the $2,700 pricing.

Is your timeline always 30 days?

We usually aim to launch a brand 30 days after we started working on it. However, we' can extend the timeline a couple of days to better fit your schedule.

Will I have to sign a contract?

Before our kick-off call, we'll send you an invoice for 50% of our total fee + a Statement of Work (SOW). Our SOW is usually enough for most of our partners. But if you need any special clauses, you can let us know.

Still have questions?

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