Human Money

Human Money

To support the launch of $UBI, an Ethereum-based Universal Basic Income protocol developed by Democracy Earth & Kleros, we created a pop-up guide, designed to help total beginners to get on board.

The site was delivered in a decentralized way, through IPFS (InterPlanetary File System). We used NextJS, which guaranteed that the site was *clears throat* blazing fast. Us being us, we also created some cool social media graphics.

Democracy Earth
Web design, web development, social media
On load, the website show's the current value of Ethereum gas, expressed as the free for a 10 dollar transaction
Representative bits, pieces, and sections
Obviously, website content is revealed when scrolling down
But users can also navigate from page to page by tapping and sliding across their screen
A small arrow is also available at the bottom of each page, for easier browsing
ass Adoption When? poster, instant icon
roof of humanity Art Deco-inspired graphics for social media
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