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Launching a New Service: Strategy Workshops

Launching a New Service: Strategy Workshops
Written by
Sofía Vázquez & Aaron Marco Arias
Published on
December 22, 2022

A few weeks ago, we published a Substack post, explaining that we're in the process of optimizing our services. It's a gradual process, which began early this year, and whose benefits our existing partners are already enjoying. But we didn't show much - until now.

During September, we'll be re-launching all of our solutions, optimized to be as efficient as possible and completely free from bells and whistles. Our first launch is a small product focused on a pervasive problem. Let's dive in.

The problem

A solopreneur with marketing strategy challenges rarely has access to a custom-made solution. There's no direct line of contact with an on-demand specialist that can help them tackle a specific problem without the expectation of ongoing work. 

So, they usually gravitate towards:

  • Learning about growth and spending hours doing trial and error.
  • Hiring an agency.

The DIY approach usually has a high cost (whether direct or indirect), but it's worth it. The problem is that it's common to deprioritize it, and it's usually the first thing to go when your schedule fills up. In addition, the learning process is often slow, there is a tendency to plateau during the first few months, and business needs move faster than the learning curve.

On the other hand, few agencies are fully dedicated to consulting. Especially among those working with small businesses/individuals. This is due to several factors, including:

  • The fact that it can be challenging to see the ROI of consulting, especially in small companies.
  • Lack of versatility when it comes to approaching strategy, which leads to all the proposed solutions requiring a team.
  • The agency having an interest in closing an implementation retainer, above all things.

Our solution

We don't want to be overly promotional. At the end of this post, we'll leave you a link where you'll find more information. But, going to the point, we synthesized all our experience working with small teams in B2B SaaS, SMEs & solopreneurs into a solution that is as precise and accessible as possible.

Our workshops consist of a strategy session and a playbook. Simple as that.

Your marketing strategy doesn't have to be a plan to rebuild Rome or a repackaged blog post. Our goal is to provide a hyper-localized, client-scale solution designed around your priorities. And consulting doesn't have to involve high-budget retainer plans.

If this resonates with you, you may want to learn more about our workshops.

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