Design + Strategy
Finished project


What’s in a name? In late 2021, we gave a beloved language academy (and its community) the name they deserved. Plus, we redesigned their leading brand.

In the meantime, we thought about positioning, our community, and how to rethink online education in the era of Discord & TikTok. 

The request 

The name had to be:

  • Language agnostic - Moocks is a LATAM-based brand, but it may not be for long.
  • Short, strong and onomatopoeic - our community is young and meme-obsessed, we want to give them a funny name they’ll like pronouncing
  • Versatile - it had to be able to be applied to our community members (as if we were a fandom), and to be applied to a wide variety of education-focused services 

The visual identity had to be:

  • Iterate-able, easy to iterate and implement upon by both product design and marketing teams
  • A continuation of previous design efforts, but made bolder

The numbers

  • We ran 3 workshops
  • 30 team members & students weighted in
  • We came up with 4 naming options
  • It took us 14 days to design the brand's vsual identity

The impact

Reception was overwhelmingly positive. In the three months after re-launching the new brand:

  • 3.8 million people saw Moocks' content on Instagram
  • +600 new Moockies (active students) joined the academy

“I feel that having a new name (despite the legal reasons for seeking it) really gave us all a much stronger sense of belonging. From within the team, we continue to work together to improve and grow the company. And those that knew us before the renaming have welcomed it with open arms. The idea of being a ‘Moockie’ makes everyone, from newcomers to old-timers, feel like they belong to a much more unique community and academy. With our new name, we sealed our identity and were ready to introduce ourselves to the world as something completely new. We were able to make a difference in the market.” 

- Antonia A., General Manager at Moocks