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Logo design for eLearning startup Moocks
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‍In late 2021, we collaborated with the design team at Moocks, a bootstrapped eLearning startup. We developed a new brand identity, aligned with the community's scale, ethos, and aspirations.

Scope included:

  • Brand strategy
  • Logo refreshment
  • Typography, color palette & use guide
  • Social media applications
  • Character design for student handbooks‍

Additionally, we developed an organization-wide design implementation process.

We were particularly attracted to this project because:

  • The client was a bootstrapped Argentinian startup with a sub-30 founder
  • The brand was strongly betting on community-led growth

Planning design implementation for the long run

Aside from elaborating a new visual identity for the brand, we collaborated with the design, sales & pedagogic teams to establish:

  • A common hub of design assets
  • Simpler content creation processes, powered by low-code integrations

This helped to:

  • Guarantee brand consistency across domains and customer touchpoints.
  • Speed campain implementation and optimization speed significantly.


Our collaboration's impact can be synthesized into:

  • A strenghtened community identity
  • Continuous growth and brand iteration
  • Stronger brand recognition

In the three months after implementing the new brand identity and processes, the brand attained:

  • A total campaign ROI of 77.8%
  • A growth rate of 15.3% on their strongest social media channel (Instagram), which reached 1.5M accounts, increasing engagement rate by 67.9%
  • 50.2% increase in monthly revenue

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